When on rotation, you need to relax from time to time. Not simply for having a rest — you just go fucking nuts otherwise. Meanwhile you have to KNOW HOW. Vodka helps greatly, but it’s prohibited – penalty of 30 grand and one-way ticket home. For shouting songs you’ll be killed by local aesthetes, as not everyone possesses aesthetic sensitivity. Playing baseball may be incorrectly understood by local dogs, as people with long objects in hands make them feel nervous.


So we have found an innocent alternative – puzzles. Tonight we are going to solve a puzzle of 2000 pieces in a spacious office on a large board. We are chatting, listening to pleasant music, drinking tea and having some fun.



Happiness did not last long. Ruthless inspection officers rushed in and asked what the hell a kindergarten was going on. They ordered to remove half-solved puzzle and hang the board we used as a surface for solving the puzzle back on the wall.


So imagine what we are feeling now…



I want vodka, drugs and sexy demonic dancing… All because they’ve taken away my PUZZLES!!!

Май 23, 2011 at 12:09 дп автор drHimik
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