Early in the morning, worried by unusual silence from the adjacent office, IT guy decided to visit his namesake translator, and drain a cup of tea. It turned out that translator, who had been beating his head against a wall and letting out a fearsome howl for three days, channeled his energy into a more useful activity: tender doping his favorite baseball bat (Banhammer) with virulent poison. IT guy immediately deduced that the thing was about a cunning murder intention; and delicately tried to clear up the reasons:


—          Why the hell use a poison? You’d better take uranium bar from lab guys (radiographic inspection team) and insert it into the bat. Penetrating power will increase by over 9000. Even a helmet will not help. Besides, it is 21st century, and using a poison est mauvais ton.




Translator beamed with joy and called to lab guys, but apparently was told to get lost. He became sad again and told his story.


It turned out quite trivial. Translator, who’s been upgrading his skills in oil and gas industry for three years and has never confused terms like “air blowing” and “blow job”, was fighting with land reclamation procedure, kindly provided by the environmentalist. The procedure was not big, like “War and Peace”, but with content horrible:


Smooth brome (lat. Bromóposis inérmis) – perennial rhizomatous bunchgrass, reproducing from seeds, tillers, and rhizomes. Fibrous root system extends deep below soil surface…

IT guy got into the situation and shared his stock of purgative pills with translator – what a nice food supplement for the environmentalist! Why drive translator to sin?


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